Terms of use

Terms of Use of the UNA News Bulgaria Website

  1. General

Please read carefully the following terms of use. They regulate the relations between the site users, referred to below as “User” and UNA News Bulgaria. By using the site and the information it provides, the user declares that he or she has fully read the present terms of use, agrees to adhere to them in good faith and bears responsibility in the case of a breach or failure to comply.


  1. Definitions

In the application and interpretation of the following Terms of Use, the terms and expressions used shall have the following meaning:

  1.  ”User” is any individual who makes use of any of the site’s services.
  2.  ”Service/s” of the site include:
    *    access to the site’s information resources/data as provided via a web browser;
    *    access to the comments and ratings on the site;
    *    creation and personalisation of user profiles via registration, which gives additional opportunities for access to the information resources;

*    receipt of email bulletins by registered users of the site.

  1.  ”Malicious attacks by third persons ” – activities or the lack thereof on the part of third persons which are contradictory to the rules of internet ethics, including, but not limited to server overload, server breach, data theft etc.
  2. “Non-profit media” shall be understood as a media that works for the public benefit and provides information in service to the public. The media does not serve corporate and/or political interests.


III. General Provisions

  1.  UNA News Bulgaria is a non-profit online media, working for the public benefit. The website provides information in service to the public.
  2.  UNA News Bulgaria is a project of the Youth Section of the United Nations Association of Bulgaria.
  3.  UNA News Bulgaria is an indelible part of the United Nations Association of Bulgaria.
  4.  The participation in UNA News Bulgaria is voluntary. The members of the team do not receive remuneration and contributions from the United Nations Association of Bulgaria.
  5.  UNA News Bulgaria fully obeys the Charter of the United Nations Association of Bulgaria.


  1. Copyright and Ethics
  2.  The materials published in UNA News Bulgaria may be copied and cited freely, only with explicit reference to UNA News, the author of the article and a link to the material.
  3.  The team of UNA News Bulgaria respects the work of journalists, bloggers, analysts and photographers. In this regard, the sources of the text and images are strictly mentioned under all materials published in UNA News Bulgaria that are not authored by the staff.
  4.  The team of UNA News Bulgaria upholds and respects human rights and declares itself against their violation, including in the online environment. The team has the right to remove insulting, rasist comments and messages under the articles in news.unabg.org and on UNA News Bulgaria’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/unanews).


  1. Liabilities
  2.  The team of UNA News Bulgaria retains the right to make changes in the materials, including to remove articles from the website.
  3.  The United Nations Association and UNA News Bulgaria are not responsible for any damages caused by third parties.


  1. Amendments to the Terms of Use
  2.  Insofar as the services provided by UNA News Bulgaria are diverse, constantly supplemented and modified in order for their improvement and expansion, as well as in relation to legislative changes, the Terms of Use may be modified unilaterally.
  3.   Upon an amendment to the present Terms of Use, UNA News Bulgaria undertakes to notify the User of the changes made by publishing them in UNA News Bulgaria. UNA News Bulgaria provides the User 7 days to get acquainted to the changes in the Terms of Use.